Your smile is a great part of the first impression people get from you. To smile and laugh even has a proved impact on our health and quality of life! Tooth-whitening doesn’t only give you a better smile, it often gives you a better self-esteem as well.
Most people have some sort of discolouration on their teeth. Food, wine, tea, coffee and smoking leaves traces on our teeth, and some people are born with less white teeth than others.

To be able to live a successful happy life, you need a striking smile!

The Brilliant Smile method is probably the safest method in the world to give you that beautiful smile.
It’s the method used by the Swedish celebrity elite, and in TV shows such as Idol, Extreme Makeover and Topmodel.
Fashion- and beauty magazines are often recommending Brilliant Smile because of the fast, effective and reliable results.

When you whiten your teeth with the Brilliant Smile method you get a minimum of side-effects and a maximum of result!

Tandblekning Stockholm is specialised in giving you the ultimate beauty experience. Tooth-whitening is not a dental treatment, and it should not be experienced as such.
Tandblekning Stockholm gives you a professional tooth-whitening treatment in a modern, relaxed environment. We have been working with tooth-whitening since 2007 and are certified by Brilliant Smile.


  • Tooth-whitening 2995 SEK
  • Student 2495 SEK